Meet Your Farmers


angie farm_a


     We like to prepare delicious food, listen to great music, and hang out as a family with Elijah Kail, Julian Skye, Stellan Sun and Bodhi the Akita.  After a long day at the farm, after the boys have gone to bed, you may find us on our front porch with a nice glass of wine (or beer for daddy) enjoying the sounds of the crickets and birds, the wind, or the silence of Westport Island. 

    Angie loves yoga and meditation.  She has been teaching Kundalini, Hatha, and Pre-Natal for almost a decade.  She loves to cook food, grow food, talk about food, eat food, share food and educate people about where food comes from.  Being a mommy is the biggest joy in her life and her boys are the center of her universe.   One of her other passions is her perennial flower garden which is always changing, a work of art in progress.

     Kyle is a talented musician playing the bass, piano, and mandolin amongst other instruments.  He is the heart and soul of the farm, running the operation like a conductor of an orchestra.  He loves being a daddy, foraging for edible mushrooms, and eating Angie's food.  

     Elijah Kail loves tractors, excavators, and any heavy equipment.  He also loves his baby brothers and hanging out at the farm.  This kid is the ultimate salad eater which we are pretty proud of.

     Julian Skye loves tractors as much as his big brother.  He also loves going to feed the pigs and getting dirty.  Now that he has a baby brother he takes his big brother responsibilities very seriously.

     Stellan Sun is our newest future farmer.  He loves to hang in the back pack while mommy works.   Looking forward to seeing this kid figure out what else he likes.