Our farm is located in beautiful Mid-Coast Maine on Westport Island. The Island provides a unique coastal climate to grow a wide variety of vegetables, fruits, flowers and culinary herbs. All of our produce and flowers are MOFGA Certified Organic. We strive to grow the most delicious and nutritious food possible.  

We take great pride in being stewards of the land, choosing to use cover crops and organic amendments to enrich our soil instead of chemical inputs. We rotate our crops yearly to promote healthy and disease-free soil. We believe in the importance of working with Nature and not against her. With that being said, it takes time to build soil fertility but in the long run our investment pays off much more handsomely with incredible food and peace of mind.

Each year we try new varieties of seeds, heirloom and hybrid, looking for vegetables that have a great flavor and are appealing to the eye. We also have our old favorites that we plant year after year. We scour seed catalogs each season looking for seeds that look interesting and have the traits that we value in a vegetable or fruit. As each new catalog comes in the mail we get excited to see what new seeds are being offered.

We pasture raise pigs and feed them only certified organic feed without antibiotics or hormones. It is our belief that the amount of love and care you put into them is what you will get out in the end. We handle our animals daily and treat them humanely without causing them stress. It has been a great joy to raise our own meat. We are thankful that we can say we know what our meat is made of and where it comes from.

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100% organic